Laughing All the Way

Well, I was buried in It over the Thanksgiving holidays (you can take your best guess as to what “It” was), so I figured I’d better get something posted as we approach Christmas.

On December 11th we had our club Christmas party, hosted by the Moose Lodge and catered by Rodeo City Bar-B-Q:  delicious turkey with all the fixin’s (I especially liked the cornbread muffins!).  The white elephant gift exchange was a lot of fun, even though my handy multi-tool got stolen (again!).    I did end up with a nice horseshoe napkin holder (made by our very own president Barry).  I guess since I’m a slob and don’t use napkins (or maybe I’m just fastidious), I may be able to put it to use to hold all of the trail ridin’ DVDs that I seem to be collecting these days.

At any rate, a grand time was had by all!


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