I guess if these guys can work up the energy to go for a ride on New Year’s Day, I can manage to put up a post to document it.


Headin’ out from the parking area, SE of Wanapum Dam.
Near as I can tell, under all of the outergarments, there were 3 Gormans, 2 Edwards, a Weidenbach, a Whitlow, and the abominable snowman.
I think they call this “Asparagus Flats”, though I’m not sure why…I’ve never seen any vegetable side dishes there (nor Hollandaise sauce).
Warren proves it wasn’t really “freezing”–as some in attendance contended!

Be on the lookout for your New Year’s edition of the Tailwind.  We’ll see you at the Cattlemen’s next Thursday (guest speaker is Dr. Erin Zamzow).

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