Ride Schedule

Rides are currently scheduled for 3 months at a time to help everyone schedule time to join rides. All rides are member only, and one-day memberships are available for guests.

Schedules are subject to change for many reasons, including weather. Updates are sent in email to members as needed.

Ride schedule for 2023

Thursday, March 2nd @12:00pm Dakota Café (12:15pm) Ride Scheduling 2023 Ride Season
[Ken, Barb P., Barb , Mickie, Sharon, Teresa, Susann]

MARCH 2023
*Meet 10:30am – Ride Out 11:00am

March 9th, Thursday – Boylston (I-90, between Ellensburg and Vantage)
March 13th, Monday – Huntzinger Rd. / Army East (I-90, South of Vantage, West bank of Columbia River)
BCHW 17th – 19th, Rendezvous (Kittitas County Fair Grounds)
March 20th, Monday – Rocky Coulee / Gingko State Park (I-90 or Vantage Hwy, North of Vantage, West bank of Columbia River)
March 23rd, Thursday – Thorp Tunnels / JWT (Thorp Hwy S to Thorp Depot Rd)
March 27th, Monday – Re-ride Day
March 30th, Thursday – Frenchman’s Coulee (I-90 to Silica Rd, west on Vantage Rd, East Banks of Columbia River)

APRIL 2023
*Meet 10:00am – Ride Out 10:30am

April 3rd , Monday – Re-ride Day
April 6th , Thursday – Joyce in Vantage
April 10th, Monday – Beverly, KVTR Permit Required (I-90, Hwy 243, East of Lk Wanapum)
April 13th , Thursday – Kittitas Depot East (end at the bar)
April 17th, Monday – Re-ride Day
April 19th, Wednesday – Ancient Lakes
April 24th, Monday – Even Song (Laurie Herzig, Badger Pocket)
April 27th, Thursday – Re-ride Day

MAY 2023
*Meet 9:30am – Ride Out 10:00am

May 1st, Monday – Durr Rd. (Bring Cutters JIC)
May 4th , Thursday – Joe Watt Canyon Hill (I-90 to E Taneum Rd)
May 8th , Monday – Re-ride Day
May 11th, Thursday – Robinson Canyon (Thorp Hwy S, Robinson Canyon Rd)
May 17th , Wednesday – Elk Heights (I-90 to Elk Heights Rd)
May 18th / 19th, Thursday – Lake View Ranch, Odessa (I-90 past Moses Lake, Hwy 21 North of Odessa, Lakeview Ranch Loop N)
May 22nd , Monday – Green Gates (Vantage Hwy)
May 25th , Thursday – Washington State Horse Park (1202 Douglas Munro Blvd, Cle Elum)
May 25th , Thursday – Meeting and Ride Plan for June through August
May 31st , Wednesday – Thorp Tunnels / JWT Flower Ride (Thorp Hwy S to Thorp Depot Rd)

*Cancelations possible (Snow, Heavy Rain, Icy Roads, Wind over 20mph, Temps above 90, Temp below 40, adverse trail/road/parking conditions or situations)

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