Ride Schedule

Rides are currently scheduled for 3 months at a time to help everyone schedule time to join rides. All rides are member only, and one-day memberships are available for guests.

Schedules are subject to change for many reasons, including weather. Updates are sent in email to members as needed.

Effective Immediately – Ride Out times vary by weather (heat dependent)

Ride schedule for 2023


Meet 8:30am – Ride Out 9:00am

June 1st – Thursday: Teanaway West Fork, Frog Pond

June 5th – Monday: Wooden Horse Ranch

June 8th – Thursday: Teanaway North Fork, Dickie Creek

June 12th – Monday: Make Up Ride

June 14th – Wednesday: West Fork Teanaway, Cadillac Flats / Magic Trail

June 15th – Thursday: KVTR Meeting

June 19th – Monday: Elk Heights DNR

June 22nd – Thursday: West Fork Teanaway, East Loop / Lick Creek

June 26th – Monday: Reecer Creek Rd. / First Creek (Mickie Lead)

June 29th – Thursday: Elk Heights Ranch


Meet 8:30am – Ride Out 9:00am

July 6th – Thursday: West Fork Teanaway, Cadillac Flats to Frog Pond

July 10th – Monday: West Fork Teanaway,

July 13th – Thursday: West Fork Teanaway Carlson Canyon

July 19th – Wednesday: North Fork Indian Camp / Aspen Grove

July 20th – Thursday: KVTR Meeting

July 24th – Monday: Mason Creek / LT Murray Teanaway Rd

July 27th – Thursday: John Wayne Trail in Easton (Susann)


Meet 8:30am – Ride Out 9:00am

August 3rd – Monday: Salmon La Sac, Cooper Lake to Pete Lake FS

August 10th – Thursday: West Fork Teanaway, Frog Pond

August 14th – Monday: Salmon La Sac, Waptus Day Ride

August 16th – Wednesday: Make Up Ride

August 17th – Thursday: KTVR Meeting

August 24th – Thursday: North Fork Indian Camp / Aspen Grove

August 28th – Monday: Flying Horseshoe Ranch Ride & BBQ

*Cancelations possible (Snow, Heavy Rain, Icy Roads, Wind over 20mph, Temps above 90, Temp below 40, adverse trail/road/parking conditions or situations)

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