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John H. sent us this message.  He has done some research and provides a link at the end to share the information he found.  Thanks, John!

Water Hemlock

On Wednesday morning, I was clearing a small irrigation ditch of baby cottonwoods, roses, and similar brush and encountered a clump of Water Hemlock.  It was very healthy and nicely blooming.  I took a photo before dispatching it to the great weed garden in the sky.

I’ve gathered a couple of things from the Internet and made a one page note on this plant.  It is one very highly poisonous plant and needs to be removed (carefully), if it is on your property.

Within the page I have written there are 2 active links.  The first takes you to the source of most of my text and is the source of the first photo.

The second link is to a site from folks who live where the hemlock is just a bit different.   Theirs is “spotted water-hemlock” and shows more purple color on the stems – often in spots, thus, the name.  Other than that the photos are excellent on that site.

When I took photos I had to do so between wind gusts of about 25 mph.  These are the two at the bottom of the page:

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