Off to the Wilderness

Last Wednesday, 11 club riders headed out past Cle Elum, then Roslyn, then Ronald, then Salmon le Sac.  Where were they headed?  Out to the Alpine Lakes Wilderness area! We passed one other club member plus two of her friends, as we headed out and they headed in–she had had an appointment at the scheduled ride time, but wanted to do the ride anyway.

Because it’s a wilderness area, groups are limited to “twelve heartbeats,” so we split into three groups, and met up at Pete Lake.

In fifty years of riding, this was one of the nicest rides I’ve ever had: beautiful scenery, great companions, and my horse was on her best behavior.


Quote for the day:

I’ve spent most of my life riding horses. The rest I’ve just wasted.

p.s.  Be looking for both a paper copy and a test-version email of this month’s Tailwind.  Details will be included for next weekend’s KVTR Potluck!

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