Catching Up With Real Time

I’ve been out of town for a couple of weeks, and from what I’ve heard, I missed several very nice rides.

On July 13th, the group headed east to the Wild Horse Wind Farm.

I received the following report for Sunday the 24th:  “The ride at Kathy M.’s ranch was spectacular.  Altho we started off with a horse going down in a trailer (it was quite a job for the four guys to get him turned so he could get up) but all ended well and Sally reports the horse is doing fine.  We started out with 22 riders and came back with 20 (2 went back early).  Beautiful scenery with nice slopes to the trail. We jumped a large herd of elk—— you will probably hear different numbers on the size because the guys like to believe there  were a lot more than the 40-50. We ended up with a great desert made by Kathy and served by Charlotte.  Thanks again Kathy for your hospitality and the yummy huckleberry cobbler.
Happy Trails,    Walt & Gail”

I know there were a couple of other rides in there, including one up Green Canyon from Sally and Randall C.’s place, but no one sent me photos, so we’ll have to take their word for it that it, too, was a great ride!

Another thing I missed while I was away was a meeting where they discussed using this blog as the electronic dispenser for the newsletter.  I haven’t yet heard what they worked out, but I’ll keep you posted.

Quote for Today

There are many wonderful places in the world, but one of my favourite places is on the back of my horse.
    – Rolf Kopfle

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