Off to the Mountains

A couple of events last week:

First off, a few Club members made it to the Silver Ridge Ranch “Treasure Hunt” ride last Saturday–sort of a scavenger hunt on horseback.

Then on Monday, Barb B. reports:  “we had a great ride yesterday to Old #3 in Ronald. 12 of us gathered at the Cle Elum “Y” and rode out together. I love the part where we all become a herd to cross “on-the-light” at the Main Street. We were thwarted from using the side walk area after crossing because the little park’s sprinkler system came on just then. We used the travel lane instead. John L. had taken his rig and parked at the restaurant so we could tie up to it. And Mike G. took his rig up, too, and more of us could tie up to that while we went in to eat. The horses were very good and stood quietly (bored). The weather was perfect: not too hot, not too sunny, just a little cloudy. On the way back to Cle Elum there was a Kodak moment taken where lovely wildflowers were in full bloom. We lined the horses up and had to wait while 4 of them relieved themselves. The thought was voiced that maybe they – the horses- had had a little too much beer while we ate.  Then on down the trail, back across the Main street “on-the-light” and to the trailers. Lovely fun day.”


[Evidently, I cannot have two separate slideshows in one post.  So you’ll have to figure out which photos below are from the treasure ride, and which are from the Coal Mine Trail!]

This holiday weekend, we’re not scheduling a club ride, so each of us can spend time with family and friends (and avoid any crowds or fireworks on the trails!).  Watch for info on up-coming rides.

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