A Busy Week!! Could Spring Finally Be Here?

It’s WINDY in the Kittitas Valley, so it must be spring!  But it’s dried out enough, and the sun has finally been fairly consistent, so folks got some riding in.

Last Saturday 10 riders and 11 horses (Pat B. ponied her new little guy) made a loop out at China Hat, off the Vantage Highway.  We rode early enough and were down in the draws enough that we avoided much of the wind.  Lunch in the lee of a trailer wasn’t too bad, either.  (Thanks, Erva, for the nummy cookies–Warren, you missed out!)

While they were moseying about, Gail got some photos of Debby J. and Barb B. at the ACTHA competition up at the State Horse Park.

On Thursday another bunch braved even more gale-like winds–though they opted for the Ginkgo canyon over the more exposed Army East trail.


[I can’t figure out how to insert three separate slideshows for the three separate rides, so you’ll have to figure out which ones are which!  Hint: neither China Hat or Ginkgo have very many trees!]

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