Multiple Messages

Or:  “What do you do about an over- crowded in-box?”

I guess I can do this semi-chronologically.

  • The mid-week ride this week will be east of the Valley at the Ginkgo area.  Members can check with Barb B., Pat B., or myself (email link in the right-hand margin) for day, time and trailhead.
  • This is the second Thursday, so our monthly Club meeting will be at The Cattlemen’s building, as usual, at 7:00 pm, sharp.  (Somebody remind me to bring my camera:  I’ve GOT to get a photo of Barry calling us to order with his cow bell!)
  • Lastly, current club members Val and Russ R. have just found out that their rental home, with room for their two horses, has been sold!  They need to find a place ASAP! The message I got was “If anyone would have a lead on another place for the it would be much appreciated.”  I don’t want to plaster their contact info all over the inter-web — they were late for this year’s directory, but are in the 2010 edition.  Or contact me if you know of something that might work. 

[An old photo from Pat B.’s archives–maybe November 2009?  Looks like maybe somewhere on the Columbia…]

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