First Ride!

Well, the weather finally cooperated enough for the Riders to schedule their first ride of the year!  Originally, we had talked about going across the Columbia to the Ancient Lakes area, but with respect to variable weather and high fuel prices, the group opted instead to head to the Army East trailhead, and wander among the crags along the big River.

Ten riders made it (in five trailers) and the weather gods were smiling:  bright sunshine and only a gentle, mostly pleasant breeze!  A couple of members had competed in the ACTHA (American Competitive Trail Horse Association) ride last weekend at the Washington State Horse Park, and they demonstrated some of their trail skills, which some of the rest of us then practiced (while others just gawked at our silliness).  We even waded in to the mighty Columbia!


See you on Saturday for the Alpine Lakes BCH ride.  If you haven’t gotten a phone call or email, check with Pat B. or Barb B. for details.  Don’t forget your can of chili!

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