The Rides of March

The weather has been so unsettled this month that there have been no “official” club rides.  But I’ve heard of people (myself, included) that have been able to sneak in a few rides between the wind and the rain and the snow.

At last week’s meeting, two rides were set, one sort of tentative, and the other less so.

Wednesday, March 23rd, we are hoping to have decent enough weather to head to the Ancient Lakes area on the east side of the Columbia River.  This is a stunning area in the coulees above the River.  It’s always a little warmer and dryer there than in Kittitas, and the footing should be fairly good.  Considering the early schedule, we’ll probably keep it fairly short (2-3 hours?) and take it easy, for horses and riders that haven’t had the opportunity to do any conditioning as yet.  It is a long drive, and parking permits are required, so check with folks that you might be able to “trailer-pool” with.  Watch for more details.

The caravan over last year was quite impressive, with up to 7 or 8 trailers in a row.

Saturday, March 26th, the Club was invited to meet up with the Alpine Lakes Riders for their annual “Chili Ride.”    This will be a little steeper ride, with more rocky footing.  Upon return everyone will enjoy a pot of chili (please bring a can for each rider, plus whatever bread or crackers you might want to share, plus, don’t forget a chair) and some volunteer country music.   Listen for the phone call, or watch for your email reminder for time and other details.

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