Mid-winter News

It’s February, and club members continue to hunt out the drier, warmer environs east of the Valley.  We’re all hoping that the weather will continue to improve, and we’ll get some club rides scheduled soon!


Last night we had a busy meeting, with lots of spirited conversation, as we discussed club plans for the coming season.  President Kathy Grasher called the meeting to order with her dinner bell.  (Some consider this a more melodic upgrade from Barry’s cowbell…)

Although our weekly rides tend to be somewhat spontaneous, based on weather and trail conditions, we discussed involvement in many different events this spring and summer.  These included the upcoming 4H tack sale at the Kittitas Valley Event Center, February 23; the Barb Apple clinic, March 17-18 (contact Terri H. for info); a possible KVTR day in June, at the Washington State Horse Park, as a membership drive for both KVTR and the Horse Park (Warren E. will be heading up a planning committee); and the prospects of a day working cattle at Don Akehurst’s ranch in late April.   Volunteers are needed for all of these goings-on, so if your available please contact the person listed above, or Kathy or another officer.


We had also been approached by the Eastern Washington Quarter Horse Club to see if KVTR wanted to take over their prize ride at Silver Ridge Ranch.  It was decided that this probably wasn’t something the club should take on, because the cost of insurance would nearly outweigh any funds to be raised.  It was discussed that, besides membership fees, the club doesn’t really have any fundraising activities at this time, so officers are open to suggestions.


Afterward, as folks chatted with each other, VP Mike S. conducted our monthly raffle, and the winners seemed pleased with their goodies.  Speaking of goodies, everyone enjoyed Valentines cookies and cupcakes and candy corn, along with a fresh pot o’ coffee, courtesy of our President.  Thanks, Kathy!

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