The SECOND Official Club Ride of the Year!

Because I was too much of a wuss to venture out in the E-burg wind last weekend…

This weekend, however, provided a be-a-u-tiful day!

Fifteen riders met at the “Green Gates”/13-mile-marker/silage pits/China Hat trailhead.  Most riders had shed their coats before we even hit the trail at 10:00, and it wasn’t long before we stopped to let folks take off vests/sweatshirts/whatever-was-the-next-layer.  There was scarcely a cloud in the sky, and the vanes of the windmills above us were just barely moving.

For a lot of the horses, this was their first real ride out for the season, and they were pretty soft, and winter-fuzzy, so we took our time, stopping periodically on the longer climbs.  But they all behaved themselves (pretty much) and everyone had a great time.

Chuck and Michael headed back before the last loop to start the chili (Mulligan stew style).  When the rest of us got back to the trailers, we put our trusty steeds up with their haybags, and gathered round for a hearty meal and good fellowship.


It was a good ride!


Quote for the day:

Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.

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