Getting Ready for Ride Season!

Barb Apple Clinic

The KVTR clinic this last weekend was well-attended, with 14 horse and rider teams the first day, and 12 the second.  About a dozen folks also bundled up on hay-bale bleachers at one end of the arena, to watch and take notes (and pictures).  A chili feed both days, and lots of nummy goodies, warmed everybody from the inside out.

Clinician Barb Apple’s techniques come from a background in natural horsemanship, and she laid a firm foundation of groundwork each morning, introducing several different cues for backing, teaching respect for the handler’s space, and leading, and on the second day, turns on the forehand and hindquarters, and the beginnings of sidepass.  All of these skills were then translated to in-saddle cues for stops, back-ups, and turns in the afternoon sessions.

This is a very loooong slideshow (I chose 85 pictures out of over 350), but I wanted to get at least a few of everyone, and to show the progression of the weekend.  If you see any photos of yourself that you would like, let me know, and I’ll forward them to you.



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  1. Teresa Whitworth

    Great job on the whole event. Thank you for all your hard work. The clinic with Barb Apple was terrific.

    Thank you again,
    Teresa and Mellie

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