Polar Bear Plunge

On the last day of the old year, several diehards intrepid souls ventured to the Grant County side of The Columbia River for a ride.  I thought about going along, but I’m a wimp fair-weather-rider.

Bundled up.
There was work to be done...
There was wire to clear from the trail.
Then off to the River.
The group moved from little island, to little island in the River.
Looks like maybe Walt went swimming!
Does anybody else hear the theme from "The Magnificent Six" playing in the background?
Gail, Michelle, Walt, Pat, Barb, and Warren behind the camera.
Mouse says: "Wait for me!" Good Mouse.
Michelle, practicing her side-pass? (Really. She's in the middle of all those coats somewhere!)
Not sure what it is, but it got everybody's attention. Too big to haul back in your saddlebags, Walt!

A good way to end 2011.

Here’s to lots of great rides in 2012.

Happy New Year !

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