Two Challenging Rides, and a Break

This last week saw two long and at times difficult rides high into the hills surrounding the Valley.

On Sunday, nine riders drove FOREVER! up, up, up the Reecer Creek drainage to a trailhead for the High Creek Trail.  Paul R. was our guide, and he knew the area and it’s history well.  What he didn’t know was that the DNR had erected bunches of obstacles seemingly to discourage off-road vehicles.  They were almost an equal deterrent for us!  We did some bushwhacking to go around where we could, but in some places it just wasn’t possible:  Thanks to Jennifer, Walt, Gary, and Mike for their trail clearing efforts!

Headed out.

There were some very heavily wooded areas.
Paul explained that he has seen a pretty large bear while hiking in this area.
Pointing out landmarks.
A long descent.
One of many creek crossings.
Out of the woods and starting back towards the trailers.
What goes down, must go up again.

Members of the group put four and a half hours in the saddle.  [Yes, thank you, I’ll have a cold one.]  And then there was that long, brake-burning trip back down the mountain…


On Wednesday, another intrepid group set out up Robinson Canyon, for a “three hour tour” (think Gilligan’s Island).

"Now where are we?"
"Bushwhacking is FUN! Really!"
A slight "wardrobe malfunction."
"This-a-way!" "No. That-a-way!"
"Make up yer minds, fellas!"
"Was the view worth the ride?"
"YES! Civilization!"
"We made it BACK!"

Now, I don’t suppose it had anything to do with these long rides (Robinson Canyon ended up being 6+ hours!), but rather, with the Fair and Ellensburg Rodeo coming up next week, the club will be taking a little break for a bit.  Keep your eyes and ears open for announcements for future rides.

And don’t forget, KVTR monthly meeting will be coming up at 7 PM on the 8th, at the Cattleman’s Association meeting room.


I can always tell which is the front end of a horse, but beyond that, my art is not above the ordinary. ~ Mark Twain

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