Dress for Success on the Trail

Well.  I’m sorry I missed last month’s meeting, because I understand there was some seriously hilarious  fashion goings-on!

After some unnamed members (who would like us all to believe they are real buckaroos)  gave the  womenfolk present a hard time about not dressing “western enough” at the April meeting, the ladies decided to strut their stuff!

I’m going to have to make it to the June meeting this Thursday [7 PM at the Cattleman’s Association] to see what kind of comeback the fellas come up with…

Besides that, we will have a guest speaker, Dr.Samantha Howard, of the Ellensburg Animal Hospital.  She will be presenting the latest info on the EHV-1 outbreak: what the symptoms are, treatment, and consequences to affected horses.  Restrictions are starting to loosen around the state, so I’m sure we’ll talk about how soon the club might start rides up again.

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