Work Day in the Coal Mines–Updated

Barb B. sent me this heads up, and I’ve added info from John L. as well:

Hello KVTRs.  There will be a Coal Mines Trail Cleanup this coming Friday June 3. They will be meeting at 9:00 a.m. at the Roslyn Riders Clubhouse on Hwy 903.   NO HORSES–people with gloves and pruners only.

Lunch will be afterwards at the  club house.

For additional information or questions contact John 509-304-5955.

Leaving Cle Elum for the Old #3, July 2009

4 thoughts on “Work Day in the Coal Mines–Updated”

  1. Nancy Hultquist

    Hi — I read the note from Barbara Brim and it is nice you put the notice in the website, but I think someone should find out if horses are part of the cleanup crew. Your pictures suggest that, but there also is a possibility that it is just a “walking” clean-up of the trail.
    I have not called Barbara nor John Lidral about this, nor did I tell my hubby, John. He is willing to drive up with someone (perhaps Walt and Gail) and help, but he is not willing to drive himself alone.
    I just think there needs to be a clarification on the web site.
    Thanks, Nancy

    1. Thanks for asking, Nancy. It wasn’t quite clear in the original email, but I suspect that it’s horse-less. I have an email out to John for clarification, and I’ll add that as soon as I hear back. The old photo was just to show what a lovely trail it is.

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