Down to the BIG River!

On Wednesday the 11th, thirteen riders headed down to the Ancient Lakes area east of the Columbia River.  The only time I’ve made it to this area, we stayed on the middle coulee, but on this trip, they ventured down the rocky path all the way to the River!  It looks to have been a pleasant, if cool, day.


I missed Thursday night’s club meeting (I had to prep for a mountain trail clinic over the weekend) but I understand some hilarity ensued.  If anyone got any blackmail pictures, send them along, and I’ll post them here.

On Saturday the plan was to head to the 13 mile marker (silage pits) ride off the Vantage highway.  It didn’t rain at my clinic (in Cle Elum) so if you went on that ride, feel free to email me the info and any photos  at the link on the right hand side of this page.

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